PLL Calculator (MC 145151-2) 1.01

It is prepared to make the divider calculations of the MC145151-2 IC perfectly and easily.

To use the program, it is necessary to know the structure of the MC145151-2 and use the datasheet. It is also necessary to know the working principle of PLL frequency synthesizers.

The program is based on the specified input frequency and selected reference oscillator values and provides accurate and easy calculation of the divider values required for locking the PLL accordingly.

General Features

  • Freely determining the reference oscillator value and input frequency
  • Reference oscillator divider (RA0-RA2) and the input of the frequency divider (N0-N13) individually selectable
  • Calculation according to the input frequency divided by external divider at the rate of 1/64, 128 and 256
  • Copy results to the clipboard or save them as ".bmp"
  • Multi-language support (Turkish, English and other languages with language files created)
  • Update check from the internet


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